Strategic Organizational Change

We help leaders facilitate the desired change in the future direction, services, products, delivery and culture of their organization through strategic planning, assessment and process improvement. More Sample Approaches

Leadership Development

We coach senior, mid-career and first-time managers to develop effective leadership styles as they take on new responsibilities and sponsor strategic change efforts. Through interaction, we help leaders respond effectively to critical performance problems and delicate interpersonal conflicts. We assist senior leadership teams to reach consensus on high profile policies and high stakes decisions. More Sample Approaches

Team Facilitation

We facilitate teams to manage start-up, decision making, leadership, influence, effective participation, role conflict and cross-team coordination. Our team retreats clarify a team's mission, standards and performance expectations as well as each member's unique contribution, role and responsibility. Our approach to team development typically builds the team's problem solving capacity. More Sample Approaches

Workshops & Conference Planning

Our interactive workshops and presentations focus on leadership, change management, team skills and employee development. We provide advanced training in applied group dynamics for facilitators and work teams. Sometimes we partner with internal trainers and turnkey the workshop once it has been piloted.

We are certified to use a variety of inventories and have created surveys, rating scales, and informal questionnaires to promote learner self-assessment. We use a variety of methods to involve adult learners and accommodate to their different learning styles. More Sample Approaches

Developing the Talent for Successful Change
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