Team Facilitation

  • Sponsorship and Team Chartering-resulting in clear objectives, guidelines, checkpoints, roles, single point accountability
  • Inter-disciplinary, inter-department or Cross-agency Team Alignment-resulting in joint decision making, coordinated efforts, and cooperative hand-offs among members representing different professions, organizations or shifts
  • Interdependent Business Unit Consensus-agreeing on joint mission, values, responsibilities, business strategies
  • Role Clarity and Accountability Standards-clarifying expectations, resolving role conflicts, and deciding who will be doing what by when
  • Joint Labor/Management Problem Solving-resulting in interest-based issue resolution
  • Board and Team Planning Retreats-setting yearly objectives and individual commitments
  • Peer and Cross-level Conflict Reconciliation-appreciating assumptions and styles, improving working relationships and writing behavioral contracts
  • Team Training-learning experientially about team dynamics and applying useful tools while solving real issues for intact teams
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