Philip S. Heller

Philip S. Heller

Philip Heller has over 30 years of experience in managing change and developing leaders in government, community service agencies, and medical centers.

Mr. Heller's areas of expertise include:

He has helped public agencies design and lead cultural and organizational change projects involving strategy and human resource planning, restructuring positions and performance systems, and inter-agency dispute resolution. As a coach, Mr. Heller has helped leaders to resolve sensitive conflicts and on occasion, reconcile fractured relationships evolving towards legal action. Through interaction, he has coached mangers to respond effectively to critical performance issues at the individual, team and inter-department level. Mr. Heller has facilitated numerous team and boards(government, community agency, public-appointed and elected) to clarify sponsorship, mission, roles, responsibilities and collaborative partnerships. He has assisted senior leadership teams to reach consensus on high profile capital investments and agency-wide policy changes.

Mr. Heller has conducted over 25 different workshops on leadership, management and human relations skills. He has presented keynote presentations for numerous employee conferences and authored related articles and videos. He has taught at the Federal Executive Institute and New York City Management Academy.

Mr. Heller received his Doctor of Philosophy in Education from Michigan State University focusing on learning and problem solving. He has a Master of Science in Ecology from Michigan State University; and a Bachelor of Science, cum laude, in Biology from The City University of New York.

Mr Heller is committed to high standards of practice and continuing self-development. He is a long-term member of: Human Systems Development Professionals (a regional association of senior consultants committed to peer review), the American Educational Research Association and the Pacific Northwest Organization Development Network. He has served on Master's degree committees, as a Senior Consultant with the Community Consulting Partnership, training volunteers to help non-profits and as a manuscript reviewer for Berrett-Koehler Publishers.

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